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Interested In Becoming a Mentor?

CUNY Tech Prep is a non-profit organization that exposes students to industry techniques and technology in Software Development and Data Science. This summer, CUNY Tech Prep will be hosting the CTP Hackathon 2021 for the upcoming Cohort 7. The theme of this hackathon is Transitioning To Going Back Outside. The students will have the opportunity to receive mentoring from professionals and learn from workshops and events while building a project with their peers.

Hackathons are where hackers have the opportunity to meet fellow hackers and great mentors. Mentors will support hackers during their time at the hackathon by providing support through coding advice, project management tips, and team collaboration guidance. CUNY Tech Prep is looking for volunteers to help future generations of bright minds in software engineering, data science, and project design.

Mentors would help students in:

  • Debugging Code (Javascript, Typescript, C++, Java, etc)

  • Frontend/Backend development

  • Data Science

  • Data Engineering

  • Project Management

  • Team Management

Perks to being a mentor:

  • Inspire and make an impact on students

  • Network opportunities with fellow mentors

  • Participate in workshops

Who can be a mentor:

  • Technology Professional

  • CUNY Alumni / Faculty

  • CTP Alumni

  • Other


  • CTP Hackathon 2021 be a week-long hackathon

    • Aug 23 - 24 (Monday/Tuesday) Event and Workshop days

    • Aug 27 (Friday) Project submission date

  • Mentors will get to select shifts that work well for them during this period

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please register below!

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